C-Air Medium Density Residential Development

Achievement of innovative and sustainable outcomes is illustrated in the implementation of the C-Air medium density housing development at Hillarys. This development has received Planning Institute and Urban Development Institute Awards for Excellence.

The vision was to create an appealing, high quality, residential, infill development that enhances housing and lifestyle choice. The proposal incorporates innovative site and building design through the achievement of landform and biodiversity sustainable development outcomes and optimises medium density development adjacent existing services and facilities while acknowledging the context of the surrounding development.

In achieving triple bottom line sustainability with landform and biodiversity outcomes, the vision has been applied to the site and dwelling level. C-Air offers:

  • application of split level housing that forms the site’s retaining regime and avoids the use of expensive and unsightly retaining walls, landfill and the associated embedded energy to construct such a site;
  • acceptance of the approach to the staged housing construction on the sloping section of the site prior to title creation;
  • an innovative stormwater disposal and groundwater recharge system that avoids unsightly drainage sumps;
  • provision of a greywater reuse system and energy efficient appliances as part of the housing development initiatives; and
  • creation of low speed traffic environments conducive to pedestrian safety.