Transmission Technology Approvals

urbanplan has appropriated development approvals from the Western Australian Planning Commission, pursuant to Part IV Clause 28 of the Metropolitan Region Scheme, for the installation of transmission apparatus on the existing TX Australia mast at Welshpool Road East, Carmel. Over the years, approvals have been achieved for ABC National digital broadcasting, Nova Radio, Community Radio and Nine Entertainment.

The objective of these applications was to gain approval for either new transmission installations or back-up of existing transmission to ensure complete reliability of television and radio telecast.

While the Shire of Kalamunda’s Local Planning Policy maintains a general presumption against additional infrastructure in the municipality, proposals were justified on the basis that:

  • the apparatus utilises an existing mast infrastructure, thereby reducing demand for additional masts on the Darling Scarp;
  • the apparatus demonstrates corporations’ initiative to relocate reducing the requirement for further masts;
  • the application remains consistent with the State Planning Policy 5.2 and determinations of the WAPC while the Shire’s local policy is subordinate to SPP 5.2; and
  • broadcast benefits to the metropolitan population are consistent.