MRS Advertising: Lyon and Kinley Precinct

In May 2024, urbanplan achieved consent of the Western Australian Planning Commission to advertise the Lyon and Kinley Precinct project.

To set the context, the Lyon and Kinley Precinct was not identified for urban development in the South Metropolitan Peel Sub-regional Planning Framework.  However, it meets the definition of urban expansion in that Framework:

“land that has been identified for potential urban development in preceding planning studies or represents the logical expansion of an existing urban area”.

Moreover, the Amendment area satisfies the key planning framework principles.

To substantiate the request for an amendment, in the compilation of considerable research over years, consistency in site characteristics and context is evident to other residential development adjacent the Jandakot Underground Water Pollution Control Area. 

The Concept Plan was derived from the geomorphic characteristics of the subject site that account for environmental values, hydrological examination, remnant vegetation and retention of the Resource Enhancement Wetland.  The design provides for a topological road pattern that accommodates water sensitive urban design drainage and reflects the intended functions of the roads and streetscape characters.

The proposed residential density will likely range from R30 for single residential lots to R40 cottage lots and potential R60 units.  The estimated residential yield is in the order of 750 dwellings. 

To further substantiate a request to initiate an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme, draft provisions are included in the documentation for consideration during local scheme amendment and local structure plan to reassure fulfillment of environmental protection.