This Area Plan and objectives applies specifically to infill sites within defined precincts and can also apply to redevelopment sites as future subdivisional development may occur on partly developed land. Accordingly, the Humpty Doo Area Plan and associated Outline Development Plan and Development Contributions could apply to all defined land within precincts including but not limited to infill sites.


There are a number of issues that have been identified that inform the direction of the planning principles.

The Northern Territory Government has invested considerable expenditure in the Humpty Doo Activity Centre. As such, achieving a return on investment for the benefit of the community and intensifying urban development within defined precincts is an important initiative. Intensification of development to urban standards at Humpty Doo enhances the form and function of the Activity Centre and enables better service provision to the whole community. Accordingly, applying the principle of walkable communities, it is proposed to:

  • Increase diversity of uses
  • Intensify development of employment uses and residential densities
  • Expand the number and type of jobs
  • Connect the linkages within the Humpty Doo Centre and to other centres

The ability to utilise and augment service mains infrastructure to enable intensified development is the subject of the next section.

Associated with road linkages and alignments is:

  • provision of an interconnected road network within the centre, that
  • assists in drainage management; and
  • defines designated access point to the Arnhem Highway.