The Department of Lands Planning and Environment engaged consulting engineers to undertake an investigation of the ability to utilise and augment service mains infrastructure to enable intensified development at Humpty Doo. It was established scope exits to intensify development at a number of locations in and around the Humpty Doo Activity Centre that would aid further development by the private and government sectors. The study addressed the feasibility of service infrastructure expansion and associated costs.

With reference to the former Draft Humpty Doo Area Plan of March 2011, the infrastructure study identified urban precincts within the Activity Centre to test the capacity of and ability for infrastructure expansion. The urban precincts comprise a number of land uses and a variety of residential lot sizes as follows:

  • Commercial
  • Community Purpose
  • Service Commercial
  • Industry
  • Residential comprising:
  • Single Development (800m2 to 1000m2)
  • Medium Density (250m2 to 400m2)
  • Multiple Dwellings (150m2 to 250m2)

The staging or sequencing priority of service infrastructure provision or expansion of major works and headworks to each precinct is:

  • D5: Industry (private)(1)
  • D: Multiple Dwellings (160 to 250) and
    Single Development (1,000)
  • D2: Service Commercial
  • C: Single Development + Medium
    Density (250 to 400)
  • C1: Single Development
    (1,000 OR 4,000)(2)
  • D3: Industry(3)
  • D4: Industry

(1) Industrial Precinct D5 Proponent’s to provide Infrastructure
(2) This stage requires Upgrade of Sewer Treatment Plant
(3) This stage requires new Pump Station